15 – 17 and 19 – 21 March 2016

Artsauce,  44 Lower Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town

Hi everyone
I am so excited to be coming to beautiful Cape Town, my hometown, and to share with you the magic of screenprinting. I have been printing for 27 years and still find it so versatile and fulfilling.During any course that I offer, I try and create for you, the participant. as full and rich an experience as I can. Your course actually begins the moment you pay your deposit. You have made the commitment to yourself (and to me) to learn a new skill and experience something new and exciting.So I have some suggestions for you to do before the course. These are optional – you can choose to do one, or all or none – there is no judgement about this, but its more for me to share with you as much as I possibly can in the short time we have together in the studio.

  1. Buy or borrow one of Julia Cameron’s books.  My favourites are ‘VEIN OF GOLD’ (which changed my life) and ‘THE ARTISTS WAY’.  They are about creativity and are extremely powerful, well researched and wise books. You can read them, do the exercises, or just put them next to your bed, and read the quotes on the side….
  2. If you don’t have a lovely notebook, buy yourself one. I have Moleskin notebooks which I love.
  3. Cut out of magazines colours, shapes, designs that appeal to you and stick them in your notebook.
  4. Visit a fabric shop and ask for swatches of fabrics that you like – particularly look at patterns.  Paste them in your notebook
  5. Look around you for pattern (a repeated form) – its everywhere – brickwork, paving stones, gates, fences, leaves, shadows, tyres, windows, burglar bars…. Using the camera on your phone, take pics of pattern and upload them to your computer. Choose a few of your favourites and print them out for our first day. If you dont get to do this, dont stress. Its just a fun exercise – and what Im wanting to happen, is that you start LOOKING at your enviroment in a different way.

So remember, all of these are OPTIONAL. Don’t stress if you don’t get to do any of them.

Each day will run from 9 – 4 with a tea/coffee break in the morning and or afternoon which I will provide,  and an hour lunch break. You can either bring a packed lunch, or else there are plenty of delicious restaurants close by.


  • packed lunch
  • hairdryer with long extension cord
  • apron or workshirt

All materials are provided in the workshop plus you will get a screen and squeegee to take home.

PAYMENT – I will send out one last mail closer to the course, and will ask for the remainder of your course fee to be paid then.

Looking forward to meeting you all, and to having loads of creative fun at the print table
warm regards

p.s. Both courses are fully booked. If any friends are interested, they can email me and get on to my data base for when I next come to CT, which is usually in the second half of the year.p.p.s All images are student’s work printed during one of my courses – aren’t they great?